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In this article, I discuss why I love X4 Labs. Penis enlargement has become my personal forte, and with more and more devices on the market, I have noticed that it becomes difficult for men to make an educated purchase. What is the difference between all these penis extenders? Do they actually work? Without question, they do! What consumers must pay close attention to when purchasing these products are the different features and how they affect the speed of the treatment. My personal favorite is the modernized traction device, which utilizes a silicone strap as opposed to the traditional noose.

Certain companies would like you to believe that the noose extender is just as effective as the strap. The truth is that it’s not. Using a classical extender can drastically reduce the results you get. Although results do vary from person to person, I have used both the Andro Extender (Noose) and the X4 Extender (Comfort Strap) and both have resulted in growth.

The noose based extender was painful, constricted my blood flow and worst of all gave me a total of half an inch after three months, even though they promised over an inch. By purchasing an upgrade kit from X4Labs.com I converted my noose extender to this supposedly “new” comfort strap technology.

About X4 Labs

One of the best penis extenders is made by X4 Labs.

What is X4 Labs extender devices?

X4 Labs™ is a mechanical device, actually developed to give a non-surgical alternative to correct penile curvature up to 90 %. An added benefit is that it can add a significant increase in penis size. Many leading doctors have recommended their patient to use this as an alternative to penis enlargement surgery. It has been proven by clinical studies to work effectively. The health benefits of penis stretcher devices include the following:

  • Permanent Penis Enlargement
  • Treatment of Peyronies Disease
  • Correction of Penile Curvature
  • Improved Sexual Stamina Improved Blood Circulation
  • Penis Widening
  • Penile Lengthening

My Results with X4 labs

Low and behold I documented my growth over three months just to see how effective it was. At the time I was doing this for fun, just to prove a point but I ended up gaining over an inch, about 1.2 inches, over the three months I used the X4 Extender. 

X4 Labs focuses on the development of products that help men in achieving the goal of self-confidence through a bigger penis. With millions of men suffering from inferiority complexes due to physical deficiencies, X4 Labs recognizes the importance of finding simple solutions. With the most effective penis extension device on the market, X4 Labs’ competitive advantage is their ability to provide unequivocal support and help users with their treatment programs. Each client is recognized and treated as a patient ensuring the most effective treatment program available. Learn more about penis extenders in my full-page write-up.

What You Get

  • Standard Cardboard Case
  • Fully assembled X4 extender unit
  • Variable length metal bars
  • 2 Super Comfort Straps
  • 2 Comfort Pads
  • Instructional CD-ROM
  • Lifetime Warranty

You plenty of gold tension bars, which very well-made. It also comes with an instruction manual and a DVD which takes you through the whole set up.

Guarantee: 6 Months
Shipping: UPS
Discreet: shipping, packaging, and billing.


First of all, it comes with plenty of comfort options and the 32-way comfort system is quite amazing. This is probably one of the most comfortable units that I’ve worn on. There have been a lot of positive X4 Labs reviews online.

With a variety of men, regardless of social standing or walk of life, experiencing these physical and psychological issues offering an affordable price allows the product to be within the reach of all men. their state of the art product is engineered to medical standards using all medical grade materials. X4 Labs superior treatment program remains the leader in their industry. With millions of men undertaking surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement treatments, X4 Labs helps in improving the efficiency and success rates of all of their customers.

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