Pheromones are the natural chemical force that controls all social behavior, including mating. Scientists are now finding that human behavior is also heavily influenced by these invisible social and sexual attractants.

Natural human attraction pheromones can now be scientifically recreated and concentrated. In order to boost your pheromone scent – and be more attractive to the opposite sex – you can harness the power of a laboratory-engineered pheromone concentrate. These pheromone attraction products come as a perfume or cologne and are also available as wipes. Many men and women have used laboratory produced pheromone scents and reported a significant increase in attention from members of the opposite sex. Think of bottled pheromones as sex appeal in a bottle, and they can work for you!

Appealing to the opposite sex no longer has to rely on luck, or looks, or wealth. Human pheromones naturally send out out signals to the opposite sex. No need for pick-up lines or clever tactics for getting a date. Strengthen your natural pheromone scent with powerful pheromone chemicals that can be secretly worn to boost your natural sex appeal. Learn more about what are pheromones and how they work.

Can you Attract the Opposite Sex with Pheromones?

Scientific studies have been conducted concerning this subject. There is laboratory proof that pheromone attraction exists in the animal kingdom. Human beings are also animals, therefore this sexual attraction also occurs between men and women.  Pheromones are naturally produced by the body. Some pheromone scents are an important aspect of physical and sexual attraction. Our laboratory produced, scientifically validated pheromone scents, pheromone sprays, and pheromone colognes have been created to offer the maximum concentration of pheromones for the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex. Learn more at

Clinical research has shown that an increased amount of pheromone secretion enhances physical and sexual attraction. Our laboratory produced, scientifically validated pheromone scents, pheromone sprays, and pheromone colognes offer the purest blends of concentrated, synthetically produced, human pheromones available on the market, and our testimonials show that amazing results have occurred.


A few drops applied to the wrist, neck or inner arms will produce awesome sexual attraction consequences. Imagine increasing pheromones by more than one thousand times normal human productivity. This is exactly what our laboratory produced, scientifically validated pheromone scents, pheromone sprays, and pheromone colognes will do for you. Be prepared for astounding results – Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

Customers report our pheromone products really do work! Many people have been surprised by the romantic results they achieved. Couples experienced more sexual encounters with their mate while wearing the pheromone products featured here. Single men and women got more dates while wearing our unique pheromone scents, pheromone sprays and pheromone colognes.

Pheromone Formulas

Pheromone products generally contain one or all of the following human pheromones:  Androstenone, Androstenol, Androstenone, and Copulins.

Androstenone or “none” is considered to be the pheromone that gives you the macho, dominant male aura.  

Androstenol or “nol”  is known as the friendly pheromone.  It tends to make you out as nice, friendly, approachable.  

Androsterone or “rone” is widely considered to be the middle ground between the two above.  

Copulins are found in products designed for women.  Copulins are produced naturally by women during their time of ovulation.  Copulins are geared towards attracting men.  

The Sexual Effects of Pheromones

Intelligently used, pheromones are far more than a somewhat underhanded means of increasing inter sexual attraction. They can enhance the perception of well-being, making the recipient feel more cheerful, less irritable, less depressed, and imparting a feeling of a perpetual internal smile at least until the cologne wears off.

If they do not believe this already, it can make a person feel that life is indeed worth living. By reducing stress, pheromones can indirectly improve immune function, help build muscle, reduce cardiovascular risk, and even combat skin diseases such as acne in which stress plays a role.

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