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Albion Nutraceuticals are the developers of the popular VigRX Plus. They believe that treating erectile dysfunction can be accomplished by men of any age. This is accomplished by taking an herbal supplement such as VigRX Plus. The only “side effect” of an all-natural penis enhancer pills is incredible sex & the sexual confidence that comes with becoming a more virile, healthy male.


VigRX Plus contains only botanical ingredients and natural aphrodisiacs. They have been used happily and with great success for many centuries by peoples across the world. However, all ingredients in VigRX Plus can be found in nature, including the plant extract Bioperine. As of this writing, Bioperine is only found in VigRX Plus. Bioperine comes from the fertile soils of Southern India. It helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients so your body makes the best use of the other ingredients.

All these ingredients were clinically tested together extensively in a laboratory environment to create the most effective possible blend. Taking any one of these natural herbs or botanicals by itself would, of course, have some benefit.

When taken in just the right balance as found in VigRx formulations, well then you’ve got the best male sexual enhancer the whole world has to offer — literally! In addition to being a treatment for ED, most men find that herbal sex enhancers provide stronger, longer lasting erections. They also provide more powerful orgasms and superior staying power – premature ejaculation becomes a distant memory.

No Prescription Needed

Now, since roughly 1998, we’ve had medications like Viagra that are available only with a Doctor’s prescription. These prescription medications have helped a lot of guys overcome Erectile Dysfunction. ED medications have complex chemical components that also affect their success. Therefore, it is very important for a male with ED to visit their physician before taking any prescription medication. Men with heart problems or chest pains may be at risk from the potentially dangerous side effects of prescription medications. This includes Viagra and Cialis.

So, therefore, the choice to take a prescription medication for ED must be considered carefully in consultation with your Doctor. Also, read the insert that you are given with any prescription medication to ensure that you are very familiar with the side effects and the symptoms of these side effects. Being informed will allow you to seek medical attention immediately. Think hard and proceed with care before taking the prescription medication route to ED treatment.

You’ll notice with erectile dysfunction prescription medications such as Viagra, Cialis & Levitra, any advertisement on television is followed by a fast-talking voice noting all the potentially dangerous side effects that are a risk of such prescription-only medications. Similarly, print advertisements for these medications have small print at the bottom of the ad with those same warnings. Why take that risk when herbal male sexual supplements like VigRX Plus are available that are worry-free and guaranteed to produce the increased sexual stamina that all men seek? Why not try a non-prescription herbal viagra like product?

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

ED is not a new problem. It has worried men since time began. Nature intended that males needed to be at their sexual peak while still young and healthy. Tha was the best way to guarantee the human race would reproduce and thrive. Over the years though, mankind overcame many of the obstacles that made sexual ability at a younger age a necessity and mankind enjoyed increased longevity. With people living longer, of course, they still wanted healthy sex lives, even if the primary purpose wasn’t to produce children. As we mentioned, different cultures around the world found the best herbs that would work as natural aphrodisiacs and used them freely and happily.

Back in 2000, Albion Nutraceuticals brought to market VigRx after exhaustive research. They combined the best that nature had to offer to create a compound that is superior to anything before it. While always working to improve the formulas of all the sexual health and anti-aging products, Albion Nutraceuticals offers, an improved version of VigRx was introduced in 2006 – VigRX Plus.

Vigrx Plus Formula

We are starting to see and hear more about these natural supplements. Once relegated to the back pages of men’s magazines, their merits are now talked about freely and openly on television. Just the other night, a situation comedy plotline was based on the adventures of a man who had unwittingly taken a male sexual enhancer and was stunned by how ready for sex he had suddenly become!

Also, we are starting to see sexual health supplements on supermarket shelves. However, so far they’ve mostly been cheap imitators of the “real thing” and overpriced imitations at that. You cannot do much comparison shopping when you make an “impulse purchase” in a supermarket vs. what you can learn over the Internet about a supplement. Ordering online after reading the testimonials and experiences of others is still a man’s best bet before making the choice to buy a natural male enhancement product like VigRx.

Vigrx Plus Has Many Benefits

As you can read, reports that a male enhancer pill does more than just treat ED. It also provides benefits that treat various sexual irregularities. This includes an undersized penis during sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual ability, and lack of sexual desire. The prescription medications only help with the ED part and need to be taken 11/2 hours before intercourse. Natural male enhancer pills can be taken freely and address other areas of sexual health and sexual enjoyment.

The manufacturers and marketers of penis supplements claim that any man can take advantage of their products’ potencies without fear of health hazards. This is because their ingredients are 100 percent all natural. You may be impressed to know that the ingredients in Vigrx Plus can help men attain better cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

VigRX Plus™ contains nutrients needed by men that they may not be getting from their daily diet or other supplements. You may reap even more of the benefits of your multi-vitamin by ingesting one of the ingredients in VigRX Plus. Bioperine helps break down any supplement that you ingest, regardless of the reason that you take a supplement. You can learn more at


We strongly advise that you examine the clinical studies performed on VigRX Plus by qualified Medical Doctors and other professionals. VigRX Plus is the most advanced and superior male sexual enhancement product available. Like this writer, you will want to make it your choice of sexual enhancer and put worries about ED and related issues in the past!

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