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Today, we’re going to talk about pheromones. Our senses are involved in sexual attraction. When we meet someone, our eyes look at them, our ears listen to them in our news, sniffs them, but have you ever wondered what is the nose sniffing for? One of the things the nose is looking for is pheromones. Pheromones are called ectohormones. Ecto means outside.

How Pheromones Work

These are chemicals that are designed to be emitted from the body and have a behavioral and physiological effect on someone else. In most mammals, including humans, we have a specialized pheromone detector called a loan or nasal detector called the vomeronasal organ.

It’s otherwise known as the Jacobs Organ, named after the man who discovered it. This is at the base of the nasal cavity, and it is used by males to detect hormones in females. You may have seen horses or other animals rolling back their lips. Scientists believe they are exposing the Jacobs Organ. It’s his way of tasting the air and leading him to a receptive female.

Pheromones are the secreted or excreted chemicals used to trigger communication with other members of its own species. They are released by an organism into its own environment. It occurs naturally and is odorless.

It creates an airborne signal which provides information to the opposite sex of same species and also compels them to respond. It is excreted by the fertile body externally. They act outside the body of the secreting medium and impact the behavior of the receiving medium. They definitely affect the behavior and physiology of receiving medium.

How Pheromones Affect Humans

pheromones attract womenNow, most men don’t stand around and borrow with his lip, curled back, taking in the aromas. but nevertheless, he’s still affected by the scent of a woman. In a study from Florida State University, researchers had women wear tee shirts for different for three nights in a row.

The men were then asked to sniff the shirts, sir, to either worn by women or a clean unworn. The men were then asked to sniff the shirts. The shirts were either worn by women or a clean unworn. Saliva samples were then taken by the men and tested for testosterone. What they discovered is it the testosterone went up in the males that smelled tee shirts worn by ovulating women. The testosterone stayed level if it was sniffing a tee shirt that hadn’t been torn or worn by a non-ovulating woman.

Putting Pheromones To The Test

In addition to smelling the shirts, the men were asked to rate the smells of unpleasantness. The men that smelled tee shirts are ovulating women rated those shirts most pleasant smelling. I decided to run a little test to see the effectiveness of pheromones.

Types of Pheromones in humans:

Mother-child behavior for breast secretion, menstrual period behavior amongst women in close proximity to women under the same condition and opposite-sex attraction mediums are worth consideration for inclusion in the category of pheromones.

The chemicals secreted in human sweat are secret agents which transmit feelings to opposite sex and them too response accordingly. Apart from sweat, other body fluids have the same effect. These are natural sex attractants and have an influence upon the mating habits responsible for behavioral changes in humans.

More the secretion of pheromones, greater success with opposite sex can be achieved. The smell of sweat from opposite sex is sufficient to mesmerize. Tears in eyes give concern for someone but the smell of tears gives completely different effect. These mediums are the perfect transmitter of feelings amongst the opposites.

Love is in the heads of all individuals. Humans react to such secretions resulting in increased frequency of dates, more affectionate gestures and frequency of sleeping with a romantic partner increases, more foreplay occasions and definitely increased the frequency of intercourse.

Products Containing Pheromones

Products containing optimum pheromone concentration are available in the market which can be used to convey such feelings between the opposite sexes. They may be odorless or with odor. There is a perfect relationship between sense of smell and human sexual behavior. Women and men transmit their feelings with use of such products which are separate for both sexes. These optimized products help you to become more attractive and desirable.

Dominate the role. Your natural secretion added with chemicals like Oxytocins, fragrances, herbs, gel packs and everything else which gives positive results shall be of great use in getting the desired goal.

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