The makers of one of the best selling medical devices – Sizegenetics – claim “100% Clinically Tested” status with some superb results. But what and who exactly tested the Sizegenetics device? If the clinical study consisting of men in their 20’s and the target market for Sizegenetics was men in their 40’s obviously it may not do the men in their 40’s any good.

What body conducted the tests? Is the clinical body truly objective or is it nothing more than a paid endorsement? What describes an increase in size….was the penis erect or not? These are some of the questions we hope to answer in this article.

Who Conducted The Sizegenetics Studies?

One study conducted by the very reputable BJUI (or British Journal Of Urology international) analyzed Sizegenetics and other penis extender devices to see if they truly worked. Another study was conducted by the University Of Turin to determine if men could fix their “short penis” condition using penile extenders.

20 patients were used in the Sizegenetics initial study. The average age of the men in this group was just over 45 years which is very representative of the average population. Before the end of the trial period, four test patients opted out of the study. One of them had achieved the results they were looking for. Two of them failed to abide by the trial protocol and one other dropped out for personal reasons. In the end, there were 16 test patients that took and completed the study.

The test patients had both the girth and length of their penises measured initially in both a stretched and flaccid state. The instructions that were then given to the test patients were to wear the device for no more than 6 hours each day and not less than 4 hours. The device would be used in this way for a six month period. After 6 months the penis would be measured again in 2 states and the length and girth would be compared back to the initial measurements for the differences.

The study showed that men gained an average of 2.3 cm in flaccid state and 1.7cm in a stretched state. The study also showed that men maintained the increased size 6 months after they stopped using it. The study was hailed as a complete success!

Another study was conducted on penile enlargement surgery. This type of surgery can be extremely expensive with some prices in excess of $10,000. The study should an elevated risk of morbidity with penile enlargement surgery. It reported 12 cases of sexual dysfunction, scar deformities, wound infections and more with this type of surgery. The study went o to say penile enlargement surgery should not be encouraged and instead considered experimental.

How It Works!

SizeGeneticsBut why exactly does it work and what makes it so successful? Sizegenetics is based on a tried and proven technique – penile stretching. When force is applied to the penis for extended periods of time, cells split and grow and that in turn adds more mass. This results in a larger penis both in length size and in girth or circumference of the penis. The concept can be compared to bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders can create huge muscle mass by stretching a focused muscle group. As the muscle adjusts to this new stress it creates new cells that add to the muscle mass. Other devices use other methods of stretching like weights and pumps but these methods are not always effective and could be harmful…Sizegenetics is different! The body is truly amazing in its ability to adapt to stress and Sizegenetics takes advantage of the body’s inclination to adapt.

Men have reported increases in length of up to 3 in and increases in girth of up to 1.5 inches. These results usually occur in about 2 to 4 months and the amazing thing is the results are permanent when compared to other methods. One other big advantage Sizegenetics has over its competitors is the comfort fitting. It is designed to be comfortable, safe and effective. The leather strapping and silicon nooses ensure the perfect fit and after a while, you won’t even know you are using it. This is very important given the amount of time you will be using the device….you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

The device is classified as a type 1 medical device which means that it has gained accreditation for safety and effectiveness. Just about every other device out there does not have such credentials and one company, in particular, is currently under investigation for claiming it was certified when it did not have any such accreditations. This gives further value and justification to its effectiveness. Learn the best way to use SizeGenetics here.

Sizegenetics Conclusion

Sizegenetics has been clinically shown to increase both penile size and length. It offers a safe, effective alternative to other methods such as surgery at just a fraction of the cost. You can determine how big you want to be by determining how long you wear the device. The control is in your hands! Sizegenetics works and has been clinically proven to do so!

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