Pheromones That Work (Honest Reviews)

I’ve worn pheromones in like around 15+ occasions. With so many pheromone products on the market how do you know which one works for you? I have a girlfriend so I just use it to test but my girlfriend also she gets very talkative.

My Pheromones User Experience

This girl who sat next to me in class in cute shorts and sneakers just sat next to me facing me and inhaling in. The guy trying to talk to her wasn’t liking it lol. I sprayed all Bliss(2x), Cohesion(2x), Evolve(1x) on my neck and all of a sudden my bestfriends step sister was just talking and changed into really showy sleep clothes. I hugged her and she put her nose to my neck. When I was playing pool, I break the triangle. Girl near me says, nice break. (I usually don’t have people come up to me and start a conversation)

One of my friends just wouldn’t shutup when I wore pheromones, then he was looking like a fool when he would try to make me look like a fool. I still didn’t tell him he was just under pheromones. One time I was doing some farmwork (your imagination here), and the female helpers who worked inside all went outside when I went outside. Some of them usually stay inside to work. When you put it on, you all of a sudden really want to be more talkative and more happier and energetic.

My girlfriend’s friend wore this cute dress and made a sexy pose while talking to me and talked to me more than my girlfriend one time. I don’t think any drama happened though. I just bought these pheromones from my last time (which was a long time ago), this is all the data I can think of right now. Bliss promotes playfulness, more engaging and social attributes. Cohesion induces a calming state whilst also promoting intimacy and increasing sexual attraction. Evolve has the intimacy and sexual components but also promotes flirty behaviours.

Apparently pheromones can sometimes make women turned off as their senses aren’t acclimatised to the odour, so by mixing the pheromones with other pheromones the idea is to counter this resistance. How many times would you estimate that you have worn the products, and out of those times how many times did you get good feedback from females in your vicinity? For anyone else reading this thread, pheromones also come in oil form.

There are some pheromones with Copulins in them. Copulins are secreted by a womens vagina when sperm gets discharged in it. It sends a subconscious signal to woman that the man got laid, enough copulins means the person is socially pre-selected. Too much copulins though give the sign of a player (subconsciously women will bitch,this is coming from research from the pheromoneXS forum.) It also raises the testosterone level of men.

Copulins also fucking smell, so a cover scent or something like deoderant, bodyspray can cover the smell. Yes, I use old spice antiperspirant/deodorant (Foxcrest, Fiji or Swagger) but make your own unique scent.

Of course a true master doesn’t rely on external things, but I like to think of it as an extra to your arsenal. You buy good clothes, take a shower, brush teeth, put on cologne , take a shot of liquor, and put on pheromones for a specific situation.

Pheromones however are almost like cheat codes, if there is someone completely just starting out. Just spray someone (specific pheromones for each gender) and better yet (if you can) don’t tell him you sprayed him with pheromones. When there is success, the success will attribute to his confidence and the person may keep going with confidence alone.

People also get high off their own pheromones, I know I do lol. I still recommend everyone to emphasize their inner game, as I am still a student in it.

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