No doubt you have seen several websites claiming to sell pheromone sprays that increase your sexual attractiveness to women. But are these sites legit? Read on to find out. Shopping for pheromone products is a massive minefield. Why? Because you have to avoid all the websites selling cheap replica pheromones that simply do not work.

Do Pheromone Products REALLY Work?

Absolutely! There really are some pheromone products on the market that DO work. They WILL act as an attractant to women, make people trust you more and increase your confidence. But you need to choose the correct ones.

Some of the products on the market are nothing more than standard perfume or cologne supplied in tiny bottles. They contain no chemicals that act in the same way human pheromones do, and will not have any effect.

How Do Pheromones Work?

The effect of pheromones on species, insects, and other organisms was first investigated in codling moths. Pheromones act as chemical signals that are detected by the vomeronasal organ in the nose. It then sends messages to the hypothalamus in the brain.

The pheromones contain information about our immune system and our genetic makeup. By sending out this information, we can effectively pair up with a mate for reproduction. Get the truth about pheromones here. Have a look at our reviews of some of the better pheromone products on the market in the pheromone review section of this site.  You can also learn more about human pheromones here:

How Do I Avoid Being Ripped Off?

In order to be sure you are buying a genuinely effective pheromone product, ask yourself the following questions:

How Long Has The Product Been Around?

If the product is mentioned all over the internet and has survived several years, then chances are it is going to work. The company wouldn’t still be in business if their pheromone product was flawed.

Are there product testimonials?

Can you find people who have bought the pheromone and are saying good things about it? A website without any testimonials may be hiding something.

How Many pheromones Do I Get?

Pheromone sprays are often sold in two sizes; 10ml (1/3oz) or 30ml (1oz). Make sure you know how much you are getting before you spend your money. You may find a cheap pheromone product but then realize you are only going to get 1/3 of the amount per order.

How To Buy Pheromones

Listen up! Chances are if you are looking to buy pheromone products, you WILL be RIPPED OFF. That’s right. Not all of them actually do what they say on the bottle. Some pheromone do work, but some will get youfewers ladies than a nerd who lives in his mum’s basement.

Don’t fall into the trap that most chumps do and buy the first pheromone product you come across. Take your time on this site to do a little research into the products available. Obviously, you want one that is the most effective at attracting women but isn’t going to break the bank. When choosing a pheromone product, look for the following things.


Don’t want everyone to know you are buying pheromones? Then choose a company who will ship the product to you discretely in plain packaging.

Also, remember that many of the pheromone spray and cologne bottles have branding on them. Pherazone is one of the few that comes in a plain bottle so it won’t look suspicious on your shelf. Pherlure and Nexus come in bottles that would reveal all if read. However, this isn’t too much of a problem if you keep them in a draw or out of sight.

Another thing to check is what name will appear on your credit card statement. Practically all pheromone companies are discreet about this and product a name that doesn’t give the game away.  Learn about pheromone myths at

Price Per Use

Cost is obviously an important factor. But pheromone products are sold in many different forms so judging if you are really getting good value for money, takes a bit of detective work.

Make sure you know the size of the bottle your pheromone product comes in. You should also know how much you need to apply to peruse and how many uses you will get per bottle. Once you have that information you will be able to calculate the price per use for that product (how much it costs you every time you want to go out wearing it).

Luckily for you, has done these calculations for the top pheromones on the market today. Look at the comparison table for the results.

Shipping Fees

You think you’ve found a great deal. But when you checkout you are then slapped with a hefty hidden shipping fee. Many companies make their money doing this. It can quickly turn a great deal sour, so what out for this sneaky tactic. Some companies will ship their product free, others will charge heaps. Make sure you include this hidden cost into your price research. Obviously, if you are shipping internationally then expect to pay a little extra.

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