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In 1986, Dr. Winnifred Cutler finally confirmed the existence of human pheromones and, in the process, a new industry was born. An industry that provides men with perfumes and colognes containing these chemical factors for the purpose of enhancing physical attraction. Nowadays, the best pheromone-based fragrances contain the right kinds of these chemical factors in the right formulation.

Natural Pheromones

These chemical factors are not produced in laboratories but are actually produced by men – and women, for that matter, although the types and quantities are different between the sexes – in their bodies. The secretions can be via sweat, among other bodily fluids, that the vomeronasal organ located between the mouth and nose can pick up.

When the vomeronasal organ detects the secreted pheromones, the brain triggers a response in the person whose nose detected the chemical factors. The response can range from feelings of strong sexual attraction to feelings of security between a man and a woman- or in the case of heterosexual men, feelings of inferiority or superiority depending on the perceived dominance of the individual.

In perfumes and colognes designed for men, the chemical factors are extracted from a wide range of natural sources. These are then mixed into other ingredients to produce pheromone-infused fragrance products that, when used as directed (i.e., just a few dabs in the hot zones like the wrists, behind the ears, and between the ribcage), can increase the sexual attraction between the sexes.

Main Types of Pheromones For Men

Men secrete two main types of pheromones with each one performing distinct yet complementary roles in increasing sexual attraction, male dominance, and personal confidence, among others.


Androstenol is considered as the go-to pheromone for increased sexual attraction because of its ability to stimulate strong feelings of physical passion and emotional romance. The woman may not even be able to explain why she feels the way she does toward a certain man because androstenol is at work.


Androstenone is considered as the best pheromone for increased assertiveness, dominance, and aggression, traits considered by women as desirable in certain situations (e.g., in a room full of men competing for their womanly attention). Keep in mind that these traits enhance feelings of sexual tension among females since the man exudes an alpha male impression. Among men, the alpha male impression encourages a more respectful attitude that, in turn, enhances the desirability of the man among women.


Androsterone elicits the opposite feelings from androstenone. This pheromone makes women feel safer in the company of the man who secretes it, which serves as a desirable counterpoint to the physical passion and sexual attraction generated by the two abovementioned pheromones.

Best Pheromone For Men

Of all the pheromone-infused fragrance products, the best in terms of results is Pherazone. Studies conducted on the product have revealed that it contains the highest concentration of chemical factors among several brands. Such a high concentration of pheromones results in a stronger sex appeal. The user experiences a better sense of personal confidence, and greater levels of physical passion, among other benefits. It is also considered one of the best pheromones.

Use Pherazone as directed and enjoy the positive attention of women who are attracted to your sense of masculinity. They will respond favorably to your aura of being an alpha male, and your ability to make them feel safe and secure in your presence. Of course, the right combination of the right pheromones is not the only reasons for the desirability of Pherazone. Customers also praise it for its great smell, ease of use, and money-back guarantee.

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