Pheromones For Dating

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When you call her for a date, start with some small talk and catching up. Then proceed by applying powerful pheromone cologne to your skin. Avoid the “I don’t know… what do you want to do?” game by having a few ideas ready to go. If she doesn’t like your first suggestion, then you’ve got a couple more in your back pocket. End the call by confirming the time and day.

Using Pheromone Colognes

Using pheromone colognes on a first date will give you a huge advantage with women because of the controlled sexual desire they create when the pheromones are detected by the vomeronsal organ.

Leave as little up in the air as possible. Remember, alpha male who uses pheromones to attract women and who leaves nothing to chance. Another common problem I encounter is the guy who’s so used to not going on dates that he isn’t quite sure how to act when he finally lands one. How to act on a date isn’t rocket science; you simply apply what I’ve taught you about the process. Start the date by opening up and sharing some things about you. They don’t have to be “deep,” but they should be interesting.

Human pheromones give her a feeling of safety so that she can open up in return. The goal here is to grow and deepen the connection you had when you first met. Keep the conversation going, but keep it light and positive. Any time you’re talking about things that excite you or that you have a true passion for, she’s more than likely to be interested.

Once or twice during the high points of the date, let her know that you’re having a really great time and that you want to smell her pheromone perfume. Leave it at that.

Anything more and you might come off as needy or seeking approval. As the date progresses, feel free to delve into more substantial topics, but keep the interactions moving between banter and rapport. You were a man in asking for her number and scheduling the date. Continue to be a man on the date.

Take the lead and let the pheromones seduce her. When it’s time to move on, suggest it, propose another place and then make it happen. Don’t be afraid to bounce around to several places on a date. It will give her more to remember. Hopefully you end up bouncing back to your place or hers

Before everyone leaves for the night, they’ve got an objective. Maybe it’s to get a second date. Maybe it’s to get a kiss. Maybe it’s to get her to go to an after-hours event with you, preferably the private kind that happens in your apartment. No matter what your objective is, you need to state it clearly and go after it.

Pheromone Attraction That Works

The secret to a successful pheromone attraction is having swagger. Yes. You heard right. The phase that I discussed earlier is essential for getting what you want at the end of the interaction. Qualifying her and letting her know you are interested will make a huge difference in your game.

The Secret To Pheromones

Why? Because the key to attraction is the ability to make people feel amazing whenever they’re around your pheromones. (But no one respects things they get for free. So make them work for it.) If you want to be well liked, you should tell others, in a sincere manner, how much you like them.

It’s not about showing off how awesome you are. If you already know that you’re awesome, you wouldn’t feel the need to tell anyone. It will come across naturally. As a high-value man, you give away value by telling others, “Hey, I think you’re awesome.” And, not surprisingly, they often return the favor.

When enough people respond in this manner, you will, without a doubt, become the most popular guy in the room. Always perform the close at a high point in the interaction. Whatever it is that you’re going for – a number, a kiss, or a nightcap back at your place – you want her to associate it with a good time. This is why wearing pheromones can help you subconsciously.

That way, when she looks back on the pheromonal interaction – and, by proxy, you – she’ll have positive thoughts and feelings about it. Memory is basically a series of associations between events and feelings, and you want all of hers to be shiny and bright. Bonus Tip : If you want to get her number, try pulling out your phone and setting it up for her. And then tell her to put it in. Don’t make it a question. Make it a statement. While she’s entering the number, turn away from her so she won’t feel like you’re staring at her while she does it. Once she hands the phone back to you, send her a text with your name. This way she won’t ignore your call because she didn’t recognize the phone number. It’s simple, effective and allows you to take charge of the situation.

Pheromone Attraction Technique

Try this technique pheromone attraction technique once and I’m sure it’ll become a real workhorse for you. After you get your number, don’t act like it’s a huge deal. You just got a number. This happens to you all the time, because you’re awesome. Under no circumstances should you high five your bros after you get the number. There is nothing worse that you can do. It makes her feel like just another conquest and it makes you look way too excited over nothing. Stick around for five or ten minutes afterwards. This shows that you have further interest in her and only seals the deal. When you make the phone call, bring up something that was amusing to both of you to help her recall the positive memories of that night.

Enjoy Pheromones

Continue enjoying the pheromone attraction and interaction by connecting and bantering for a little while longer. Do not run back to your friends and hi-five them. Introduce her and her friends to your friends. If you’ve spent quality time with her, you may politely let her know that you should get back to your friends.

If you want to mingle more, be aware that she will be paying attention to you and your actions for the rest of the evening so don’t go grabbing numbers and hitting on every girl at the venue. Your pheromones will keep her more attracted to you then she normally would be so don’t forget that.

Gentlemen only get phone numbers of women they intend to follow up with. Pheromone attraction should make her more receptive to you socially due to the detection by her vomeronasal organ.

Do not lead them on. If you are not interested, gracefully exit with a smile. In today’s world – after you get her phone number – it’s very likely that you will do some – if not all – of your initial communication with her via text message.

Pheromones Boost Attraction Naturally

It’s a great, low-pressure way for you to move things forward – and done correctly – it can actually be more effective than calling her up. Trust me – I know. At The Art of Pheromone Attraction we’ve tried some c-r-a-z-y ideas out so that we can present radically effective, proven techniques to our clients – and nowhere have we gotten crazier than we did when it comes to sending text messages. We sent out literally thousands of text messages – tested some downright absurd ideas – and were surprised by some of the thing that always work – time and time again. What we discovered is so profound that we created The TXT Book to show our results and teach you how to become a master texter.

A lot of men these days don’t know how to date without using pheromone colognes and perfumes. I encounter this problem all the time in my Art of Pheromone Attraction workshops. Dating just isn’t what it used to be, and I’m not quite sure why. I think it’s a great way to get to know a woman on neutral ground while engaging in mutually pleasurable activities. Also, dating is what separates the men from the boys. Boys ask her if she wants to “hang out sometime.” Men take charge, come up with specific ideas, and ask her on dates.

Open-ended questions allow for further conversation in a way closed questions do not. They provide more opportunities to engage and interact with your natural pheromone scent. They also allow you to better gauge if she is actually interested in you. The more the other person begins to add to the conversation, the more interested in you they are becoming.

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