Pheromones have been all over the place over the past months especially with all the marketing that it gets. Literally, this has been everywhere especially in the different types of media such as movies and televisions, and no one is stopping its appearance from it.

From its appearance in the different media, you have already heard everything about it. You have already heard about the scientists behind it, the people who doubt this product, and those people who are still torn about the product. Those who have knowledge about pheromones wants to prove something but they can’t seem to answer one basic question regarding it:

So, Do pheromones really work as advertised?


Then there’s the answer you need.

How are we able to say this? There have been multiple studies conducted with Pheromones and majority of them were positive. Most of the studies conducted in the past 25 years ranged from insects to sheep, and to humans. In those studies, pheromones worked properly due to several factors.

One is that the product was designed to attract healthy as well as fertile mating partners. With this one, they serve as a backup of nature in finding your sexual partner. The one whom you could spread your seed and guarantee that the life will always move forward. Learn how synthetic pheromones work.

What Are Pheromones and What Do They Do?

Basically, pheromones are chemical secretions that different organisms emit to pass with their biochemical information. It includes health, reproductive state, and emotions. Pheromones are not just a genetic seduction ploy but also serves as a warning for other organisms. Due to the warning that it provides, one organism would know whether the other party is sad or angry. Learn more about pheromones here.

When pheromones became visible in the different media, it already existed a long time ago. People were just unaware of its existence before it became famous when it was the secret weapon for Don Juans the world over. The reason seen is that this one affects the subconscious level of a person. When the subconscious level is affected, there would be a bypass on the rational side of the brain, which is both for the emitter and receiver.

What people don’t know is that pheromones are secreted in their body. It’s in the apocrine glands, which is found in the armpits, genitals, and navel. The secreted clear liquid on the glands performs two basic functions. It is encoding and transporting of a person’s biological data. The data is decoded with the help of the olfactory system, which is an extension of the limbic system. Learn more how they work at

How Our Brain Processes Pheromones

pheromone sprayThis limbic system is responsible for the basic and instinctive behavior which include anger, fear, and even the urge to mate. To put things into perspective, the scent stimulates long-forgotten memories more than the different senses is what is being referred to.

A person’s olfactory system avoids the rational side of the brain, instead, it goes directly to the behavioral centers of the brain. Despite the avoidance of the olfactory system, pheromones is still able to reach the conscious stream of senses. Even though the olfactory system avoids that part of the brain, it is still effective in delivering chemical data. This results in the fact that people always decode it.

Among humans, the women are more receptive to pheromones evidenced by studies showing that women are able to detect scents properly. From those studies, women have the ability to detect scents at concentrations 1000 times lower than men.


The results of those studies resulted in different theories being made. One prevailing idea is that women have heightened sensitivity to prehormones, which ensures that they are able to find the most suitable genes to carry. This idea does not only apply to humans but also to other organisms. Historically, women have more at stake in choosing a sexual partner.

There has been this saying among women that they prefer men who are tall, dark, and handsome. Based on clinical studies, though, women are not just attracted to those men but also to fertile, healthy, and attractive ones. Long years of research about pheromones and its role in attracting women were conducted and the result of it is that Nexus Pheromones was able to identify and boost the seven most effective pheromone compounds. The improvement among the compounds resulted in more attractive to women.

Yes, you heard it right. With just one spray of pheromone cologne, you are able to get into her basic biological urge to mate. This one is definitely a good thing to have when you go to a bar, where men outnumber women.

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