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Pheromone colognes have been getting a lot of attention, especially via online media, for their supposed ability to help users appear more interesting and attractive to sexual partners. It can be difficult for many people to sort the hype from the facts, however. If you’re wondering whether you need to buy Pherazone cologne or a similar product, taking a little time to find out about pheromones and their role in physical attraction can help you make your decision with confidence.

Pheromones in Nature

A pheromone is a chemical substance that animals make in their bodies to cause a social response in other animals of the same species. These chemicals are common in just about every animal. They can help even very primitive creatures find food, escape predators, and find a mate. Many of the social responses that humans believe to be rational and uninfluenced by emotion are actually at least partially encouraged pheromones.

Human Pheromonal Responses

In human beings, the response is much less obvious than it is in bees, wolves, and other less-complex animals. This, plus our tendency to bathe routinely and use strong-smelling colognes and perfumes, can make the natural pheromone response a lot more complicated. Humans still respond when they encounter someone with appealing pheromones or handle an object that has been treated with them, however. In one study, subjects who wore surgical masks that had been treated with a pheromone called androstenol experienced a friendlier atmosphere than people who had untreated masks.

The phenomenon affects a lot of other behaviors, too. Women who encounter the perspiration of other women over a period of time eventually find that their menstrual cycles speed up or slow down to become synchronized. The female pheromone androstenone smells better to men when women are ovulating. In two studies which treated both male and female subjects with specific pheromones, both sexes experienced more cuddling, kissing, affection and sexual desire when pheromones were present.

Pheromones in Cologne

Pheromones WorkThese studies suggest that individual people can change the way others respond to them by changing their own personal scents. One way to do this is through the use of pheromone colognes. Mostly odorless, these products provide an extra dose of the pheromones that people respond most positively to. This increases the chance of good interactions and could put people the wearer talks in a much better mood. It could even encourage both the wearer and conversation partners to be a lot more interested in sex. Concentrated pheromones for men might be the right option if you’re looking for increased social confidence and a better chance of a romantic relationship.

The best pheromone colognes are made using a synthetic version of natural human pheromones. This allows the manufacturers to be sure that their ingredients are the same every time and can be delivered in controlled doses. Despite using “cologne” in their names, most pheromone products are actually scentless or nearly so. This prevents an artificial scent from interfering with the way the pheromones work.

Pherazone Pheromone Cologne

Not all pheromone products are the same, despite having a few characteristics in common. Pherazone, advertised as Europe’s number 1 pheromone perfume, is available for men and women and isn’t only for straight people. This product works to make the user seem younger, more energetic and more attractive to everyone, so it’s still a good choice if you’re gay or bisexual. Pheromones produce a positive response in everyone, regardless of age or orientation.

This product also provides long-lasting effectiveness, as well as three times the pheromone concentration of competing products. When you wear ordinary pheromone colognes, they can break down very quickly. Pherazone advertises itself as lasting for six hours or more at a time when applied to the skin or clothing. Clothing applications tend to last longer, but skin applications work faster. Just one spray works as well as multiple applications, so it’s best to start out with a little bit at a time.

Of course, no product is a magic bullet. Despite Pherazone pheromone cologne’s high rate of effectiveness, you still have to put in a little effort yourself. It’s important to practice a confident attitude even before you get the product. You also have to put in the time and effort to mingle and get to know other people. Unlike before, however, pheromone colognes could give you the mood boost, confidence and positive responses you need to make a connection. You may be surprised by how well it works.

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