In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about penis extenders. This is a popular form of penis enlargement that produces permanent results.

If you are unsatisfied with the size of your erection during romantic encounters, you are not alone. Most men feel they could enjoy a more satisfying love life if they could extend the length of their penis. Some will turn to supplemental pills in hopes of gaining this extra length. And some may even go to extremes and have surgery on their penis. If you don’t see how pills could possibly work and you don’t want to go under the knife, you may be considering the penis extender as a third option.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

A penis extender is a device designed to stretch the penis for permanent gains in length. In order for this stretching technique to work, the penis must be connected into the device. It must be held in a stretched position. This is done for hours at a time. This is typically done on a daily basis over a period of months. The penile lengthening occurs gradually over time, so you cannot expect instant gratification.

Different extenders will advise users to wear the device for different lengths of time. But it is not uncommon for men to stretch for six hours a day for up to six months. The extra length occurs when the penis is put under subtle stress, which forces skin cells to break down. As these cells break down, the body naturally regenerates and they grow back stronger. This process adds length to the penis, and that length remains even after the device is no longer used. Learn more about how they work at

The Extender vs. Pills, Surgery, Manual Exercise

The idea of strapping your penis into a device that will stretch it out and hold it for hours at a time is not comforting to many men. Yet, neither is getting into a romantic encounter and feeling that you are not pleasing your partner. It is even more uncomfortable to think about your body being sliced open for surgery. When all options are considered, many men realize that a penile extender may be their best option.


Male enhancement pills are ruled out by many men because they do not deliver permanent results. Unfortunately, there is no way they can extend the length of a penis. The ingredients in a pill can increase blood flow to the penis. And that can create a harder, stronger, and larger erection, but this does not add actual length to the penis. Once you stop using the supplements, the stronger erections disappear.

In 1998, doctors at the Boston University School of Medicine studied 200 men and discovered that the smokers had smaller erections than the non-smokers. This is because smoking can constrict blood vessels throughout the body, including the penis. Less blood gets through, and that means smaller erections. This is similar to how a pill can open up those vessels for stronger erections. Too bad it is not permanent like the results gained from a penile extender.


Manual penile exercises have no scientific backing, and many men will work with them over a period of months and see little to not results. Most men rule this option out simply because they do not want to waste time with something that has no scientific backing.


Penile surgery is often ruled out because it is scary to think of a simple mistake having devastating consequences. It is also important to understand that there is no scientific research proving that surgery will work, and there are serious complications that can create worse penile functioning in the end. It is simply not worth the risk when you can use a penile extender instead. The extender is backed by scientific research, and produce permanent results!

Results with a Penis Extender

In 2009, results of a study performed at the University of Turin in Italy proved that the penile extender can deliver enhanced length that remains at least six months after use of the device stops. The study used one particular extender used by fifteen male study participants. The men used the device for six months and increased the force applied to penis at regular intervals, as recommended by the extender’s manufacturer.

After six months of use, the study participants gained an average of 0.9 inches (not while erect) in length. And that extra length was still present six months after they stopped stretching with the device. They also gained about half an inch in length when “stretched,” which is a measurement for erect size.

This study confirmed that this particular penile extender does in fact work, and that the results can be sustained even without continued use of the device. This gives hope for all men interested in an option for male enhancement beyond pills, surgery, or manual penile exercises.

If you decide to use a penile extender, you should expect about the same results as the men from this study. You can expect to gain somewhere between a half an inch to a full inch in length. Most devices advertise a bit more enhancement than that, but you should only expect the average growth proven by the research. If you are one of the lucky men who see better results, then you will feel blessed, but you won’t feel let down if the manufacturer claims do not turn out to be true.

Selecting the Best Penis Extender

Now that you understand how the extender works and see that there is scientific backing for the use of such devices, how do you know which extender will work best for your penis? The easiest way to find the safest and most effective product is to use one that is backed by clinical studies. Ideally, you want one which is recommended by professionals. The X4 Labs penile extender fits those requirements perfectly.

What makes the X4 system stand out in today’s market is its ability to enhance girth as well as length. The device is safe for men of any age, and the results achieved are permanent. This means you can use the device for a period of months, and then put it away while enjoying your larger, more satisfying penis.

You don’t have to exercise your penis every day for years on end. And you don’t’ have the ongoing expense of buying pills. You definitely do not have to risk the functioning of your penis to some surgeon with a scalpel!

The X4 Labs penis extender is backed by clinical studies that have proven men can gain as much as 35% in length and girth. This is right in line with the results of professional studies using other types of extenders.

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