Penis Constriction Therapy

This is more of a maintenance therapy rather than an enlargement technique in itself. It involves constricting the bases of the penis with a band or ring. The ring may be made of metal, rubber, or plastic, and its purpose is to keep the penis engorged for a longer period of time, thereby completely distending and expanding the blood spaces in the corpora cavernosa. Caution needs to be exercised when using metal or hard plastic ring as they are inflexible and can cause strangulation of the penis if not removed in time. Medical journals abound with tales of foolhardy men who carelessly slip a wedding ring or other small object around the penis. When erection occurs, blood enters and is incapable of escaping. The pain can be excruciating and the object must frequently be removed with a surgical saw.

Conclusion: The constriction method by itself may not provide permanent enlargement, but when used as an adjunct to the hyperemiation or milking methods, the results can be quite striking.

Blakoe Ring

Not truly a penis enlargement device in itself, the Blakoe Ring is an intriguing support apparatus to ad the wearer in achieving greater potency and larger, stiffer erections. The ring was invented by Dr. Blakoe over 50 years ago and boasts a large and loyal following of satisfied users in Europe.

Constructed of black ebonite, the ring is designed to fit around the penis and testicles. It is a rounded, rectangular shape with hinges that allow it to open like a combination lock. The inner areas are inlaid with copper plates. These act as thermocouples that produce minute, yet detectible electrical currents generated by the heat of the body and are said to stimulate the low of blood to the genitalia and even generate a greater flow of testosterone.

Conclusion: It is debatable whether the minute electrical charges generated by the ring truly increase the flow of testosterone. The ring does constrict the penis and testicles to a slight degree, providing more powerful erections. Wearing the ring can be quite erotic and pleasurable. While not for everyone, the Blakoe Ring makes a novel addition to any man’s sexual armamentarium. Learn about the Arabic Jelq Method.

SE 101

Also know as Dr. Taylor’s 16 week natural penis development plan, this method incorporates mental imager, massage and acupressure. Their introductory brochure says that this method was developed by a young Ph.D. in philosophy who wanted to know why the genetic code had a particular timing connected to hormone production. Specifically, he wanted to find out why hormone production couldn’t be stimulated to continue pas t puberty, thereby enabling the penis to continue to grow.

This curiosity led him to medical research libraries to better understand the mysteries of endocrinology and later to a set of obscure Oriental volumes that explored sexual secrets from India, Tibet, and China. What he concluded was that by combining modern scientific knowledge with ancient methods of acupressure and reflex stimulation, the genetic code could be altered, causing growth to continue as long as the reflexes were stimulated. In fact, he claims that “growth could be made to go on endlessly-and safely.”

Once he had developed his protocol Dr. Taylor secured a group of Hong King males to try out the system. At the conclusion of the trial, he claimed a 95% success rate in enlarging the penises of the men in this group.

What is incredible in his assertion that one “must be warned…to set limits to growth before you order the program.” He states that one man in Hong Kong became so obsessed with size that he developed a donkey-sized penis measuring 30 inches in length by 2 ½” in diameter, with a head as big as a man’s fist. He allegedly started out with an erection measuring 5” long by 1” in diameter. This man now supposedly makes his living dancing in Hong Kong and Bangkok nightclubs here tourists pay big bucks to watch him prance around nude while scantily-clad females fondle and lick his organ.

This enlargement course consists of a poorly reproduced instruction booklet peppered with typographical errors – further distracting from its credibility. Dr.Taylor says that the growth of the sex organs is encouraged by stimulating the natural growth mechanism “by contracting a group of accu pressure points which were until now, a closely-guarded secret among monks studying TANTA meditation – a form of worship through sexual union known among Hindu’s, Buddhists, and Taoists of India, Tibet, and China.

Conclusion: The method certainly sounds intriguing, and many of the points described (mental imagery, milking exercises) certainly have their place in any penis enlargement program. Whether or not the stimulation of the acupressure points contribute to enlargement is up to the question. What concerns me is the claim that these are closely-held secrets of the Indians, Chinese, and Tibetans. Curiously, these are among the most modestly-endowed races in the world. If these methods, certainly, we’d find hordes of endowed Asians. A method previously mentioned in this chapter describes Tibetan Monks who have derived benefit from it. I express some doubt simple because I have seen no visual proof of endowed Asian males let alone anyone else who has experienced enlargement through this course.

Several of my readers attempted the course themselves, but none reported enlargement. I am not saying that it doesn’t work. The material I received, while interesting, consisted of a stapled, Xeroxed booklet replete with misspelled words and grammatical lapses. Any “doctor” with a bonafide education would certainly not be guilty of such obvious academic solecisms.

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