In this article, I review Semenax. Have you ever spent money on natural male enhancement remedies? Some herbal remedies that are exceptionally popular include horny goat weed, Tongkat ali, Catuaba bark, ginkgo biloba, and Yohimbe. Most likely, you didn’t really see any results. The fact is that most natural male enhancers contain watered-down and impure herbal ingredients.

The people who make these sexual aids can do this because the entire herbal industry is pretty much ignored by the authorities. When you buy these penis pills you really don’t know what you’re getting.

Semenax is All-Natural

The sad part is that herbs really can help men recover from erectile dysfunction. In the ancient times, herbal solutions played an important part in healing people with all kinds of ailments, including erection problems. But very solid and pure herbs were readily available, and they were consumed in large amounts. If you question that herbs can really impact the human body, think about this.

Plants are in fact responsible for a heck of a lot of pharmaceutical drugs that you come across in modern hospitals. As an illustration, most of the cancer drugs used now originated from plants. The capacity of plants to cure is nothing short of amazing!

There exist herbs which have been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels. Several types of herbs increase blood flow in the body—including to the penis, which results in hard erections. And a few herbs can impact the ejaculatory system and strengthen sexual stamina and the intensity of orgasms. If you consume the right mixture of these herbs, it can be a strong sexual enhancer.

There are also natural chemical compounds that can increase the amount of seminal fluid in your ejaculate. This is not the only kind of fun, both for you and your partner, but it can prolong the enjoyment of your orgasm. If you’re interested in trying a product that does this, I recommend Semenax. There are quite a few products that promise to increase the amount of your ejaculation, but this product is the top-rated one by most male health experts.

How Does Semenax Work?

To understand how Semenax works, you must first understand how an orgasm works. Essentially, an orgasm is a contraction of a series of muscles:

• The pubococcygeus muscle
• The anal sphincter
• Rectum
• Perineum
• Ejaculatory ducts
• Muscles around the penis

How long you experience an orgasm depends on how much seminal fluid is available. Once you ejaculate your fluid, your orgasm starts to diminish. So more seminal fluid means a longer, more intense orgasm, which is another reason to try and increase the amount of fluid in your ejaculation. Check out my Semenax review.

Advice from a Porn Star on How to Cum More

If you’re interested in increasing your ejaculation volume, you might want to listen to what this guy has to say. Apparently, he’s in the porn business. This was written in response to people asking how to increase the amount of their cum on a private sex forum. He writes:

“This has been discussed many times over the last week. A lot of talk about increasing semen volume and quantity, and a lot of talk of porn special effects.

First of all, not ALL guys in porn ejaculate so much. In fact, being in the business myself and watching a lot of various porn for obvious reasons, I can say that in my opinion, most porn studs couldn’t produce a decent ejaculation if their life depended on it.

Second, the cumshots are 99% of the time really. So don’t listen to those saying it’s all fake and it’s all special effects. It is quite the opposite (except in cases when some guy with a fake plastic cock ejaculates the equivalent of 6 gallons for about 5 minutes in-stop…obviously fake).

Finally, how to increase your own volume and quantity.

1) Eat right, no junk food, no smoking, no alcohol
2) Drink a lot of water
3) Take Semenax
4) Refrain from ejaculation for 2 to 3 days. After 3 to 4 days, your body will get rid of excess semen so it won’t matter.


If you want a quality male enhancement product, you have to use herbs that are truly real and strong. But it’s not just about quality; it’s also about quantity. The bottom line is that each pill must be filled with enough herbs to be effective. The best male enhancement products all have some things in common. They are manufactured by a company that’s solid, reputable, and that has an excellent history.

The herbal ingredients of these sexual enhancers have been conscientiously checked to weed out impurities and impure elements. And the company that makes your natural male enhancement pills is based in the United States and adheres to FDA government guidelines.

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