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They discovered that the smaller penis has a greater coefficient of expansion than the larger penis. In their study. they found that 40 _ whose penises measured 7.5 – 9.0 cm (3″ – 3 3/4″) in length in “ flaccid state were compared to a similar number of study subjects of 10.0 – 11.5 cm (4″ – 4 3/4″) length of the smaller penises increased by an average of 7.5 – V cm at full erection. This full erection essentially doubled the organs in length over flaccid-size standards.  In contrast, men whose organs were signifcantly larger in the flaccid increased by an average of 7.0 – 7.5 cm in the fully erect state. The greatest increase occurred: 4 5 cm to 16.5 cm. Learn about Virility EX |

To measure the circumference, the researchers prepared a set of graduated rings measuring 3, 4, 4,5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 14 cm. The smallest ring that could be comfortably slipped over the stretched flaccid penis was used as the correct circumferential measurement. The subjects were asked to measure their own erect circumferences at home on four successive mornings. A set of square cardboard pieces with round holes was provided to the subject. He was to note the smallest hole that fitted with ease.

Once the researcher had the erect circumference provided, they were compared with the circumference measurements provided through the stretched flaccid technique. Again, a scatter diagram was devised. Through the aid of a regression equation, valid estimates of the erect circumference as made from the measurements provided from the stretched flaccid penis.

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If you take the measurement of the circumference of your stretched flaccid penis, a simple mathematical equation allows you to determine the size of your penis’ circumference when it is erect.  To determine how the penis increase in size as a big ages, the researchers randomly selected 1,500 white male boys who were patients  of medical doctors at 6 different medical clinics in New York City. The first chart contains 12 separate curves. Each one increases in age from left to right.  The first curve pertains to the subjects who were less than 1 years old. The numbers at the bottom of the chart refer to the erect length of the penis. Notice how the bottom part of the curve reads 2.5 cm. This means that the smallest penis measured forth is age group was 2.5 cm. There are currently 30 physicians in the U.S> who perform surgical penis enlargement.

Now lets looks at the last curve. Labled 17,25, this surge is a distribution of the erect penis lengths of en aged 17-25. By looking at the bottom and top points of the curve, we can see that their erect penises measure between 8.5 – 19.5 cm. 50% of these men’s penises are longer than 13 cm, while 50% are smaller than 13 cm.

The next table shows the numerical values for these ranges. Notice how the greatest increase in penis length an girth occur between the ages of 12 and 17 – the ages of puberty and adolescence.


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