Pheromones are chemicals that the body naturally produces and secrets to give a scent that triggers a social response in the opposite sex. They can act outside the secreting individual’s body to impact the recipient’s behavior. This perhaps explains why humans are attracted to some people and not to others.

Androsterone is the only human pheromone where men with higher ratios of androsterone than Etiocholanolone in straight men. Homosexual males typically have lower ratios of Androsterone to Etiocholanolone.

Androsterone makes the wearer seem to be more dominant or masculine without androstenone’s negative aggression. Androsterone also creates an aura of protection, safety, and reliability that are all associated with a peaceful alpha male. Androsterone also has mood-elevating effects when worn by women.

Studies have proven that these pheromones do influence the way humans behave towards the opposite sex. The body, however, produces only a certain amount of pheromones every day where most is washed away by daily showers, deodorants, antiperspirants and colognes a person uses.

Pheromone Benefits

Pheromone especially offers many benefits to men like:

  • Increased sexual attraction to get more dates.
  • Rejuvenation of existing relationships to allow for passionate lovemaking.
  • Providing more romantic and intimate dating moments.
  • Providing easy starts to conversations and relaxes people around them.
  • Making women start flirting with them as men become more attractive to women.

How to take Advantage of Pheromones

  • Wear pheromone sprays to have a great time on dates or before going to the club.
  • Pheromone products not only attract sexual partners but also helps increase income levels. Like sales representatives wearing the cologne create a calming effect on others around them to increase the chances of sales.
  • Pheromone products help boost career performance by improving confidence levels and thus providing a more successful career and social life.
  • Helps revive the lost passion between men and their spouse or existing partner.

The number 1 rated Pheromone: Pherazone:

PherazoneIt’s great that many companies manufacture and market fragrances and colognes with pheromones for consumers to use and increase sexual attractiveness. When worn, these products improve a person’s likability and sex appeal to increase the chances of finding a partner. Learn more about the best pheromones at

Pherazone is one such product. It has the highest concentration of pheromones and emits the exact pheromonal signature scent that helps men attract women. Just topically apply the lotion on exposed skin areas like wrists, forearms, chest, and back of the neck and the scent is released.

All it takes is a whiff of this nearly odorless but powerful scent to make women subconsciously overwhelmed with feelings of sexual and romantic passion, even if she had ignored his past advances. Wearing Pherazone also drives women crazy over men, increases sex appeal, gives more dates and also increases self-confidence levels.

Recently conducted tests show that more than 90% of men and women who had used Pherazone state that it provided them with a distinct edge that made them more desirable and attractive to their partner. The combination of powerful pheromones and its enticing smell gave them the 100% result expected from Pherazone. To top it all, Pherazone comes with a money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose while placing an order.

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